Marketing: Congruence & Consistency

Digital marketing is a very broad concept, since it has to do with all the strategies and actions both advertising and commercial that are carried out by internet, in platforms such as web pages, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.
The current challenge for most businesses is to take their brand to the digital, that is, to transfer offline techniques to the digital universe, without devaluing the brand.

Perhaps two of the biggest tips to avoid devaluing the brand and providing it with value in the digital, is in the first place the congruence and secondly the constancy.
Congruence refers to getting all the resources that we are going to use for the digital, whether graphics, images, videos, audios, articles, post, among others, send the same message and relate to each other and finally with the Brand.
Consistency is the habit of feeding our online marketing with content of value. On this topic, we would like to recommend two books whose approaches are perfectly applicable when it comes to marketing.

The first of these is The power of habit written by Charles Duhigg, the author mentions the existence  of a part of the brain called basal ganglia whose function is storing the habits, in such a way that the rest of the brain can function better because the common actions are stored in that section. The book is split into 3 sections. Personal habits, corporate habits and societal habits

Coporate habits are the section where digital marketing comes in. Just as people seek to change their habits, so can companies be sick of bad habits, fortunately, this paradigm shift that the author proposes, applies to companies as well. Then, your company can benefit from your positive habits.

In The Power of Habit audiobook, it is explained in depth the idea that organizational habits evolve from the collective habits of employees, not from rational decisions.

Marketing is a series of strategies that follow a certain methodology and are based on constancy, in another word, in the habit.The latter should be seen as an indispensable business practice rather than a fickle and seasonal campaign.

The other book is The happiness advantage written by Shawn Achor, an American happiness researcher, author and speaker.

The book, gives a new perspective on happiness, considers it as a skill can develop, and is a decision.
The exercise of the skill of happiness works like a muscle that should be exercised. Starts with the will and is developed with the training and the self-aware.

The Hapiness Advantage audiobook, explores the idea of ​​adopting happiness as a constant and permanent state of positive attitude that helps us to achieve any personal or professional goals and thus leads us to success.

But what does happiness have to do with marketing?

Many companies are focused on achieving customer satisfaction through their marketing, however, in recent years, they have begun to realize that the concept that should pursue marketing is happiness, because that is what achieves Customers, loyalty and therefore profitability of the company’s processes.

There is a difference between seeking satisfaction and seeking customer happinessA happy customer gives more importance to the relationship they have with the brand, than to the product or service they get from it.Therefore, marketing hapiness can be more profitable, but for this it requires a better knowledge of the client, a design of better information systems, more accurate segmentation techniques, changes in the business model in such a way that it is sought make some customers happy that are more profitable, instead of just satisfying a large volume of customers.


Justly Anchor speak to us explaining the effects of happiness in people, the author shows that happy individuals and happy groups are more productive so the unhappy ones.

The Benefits of Having a Secondary Online Income

While the main focus of our site here surrounds how to build a successful online business, it’s also important to step back from time to time and look at the why behind your motivation to build a business online.

For some, having a web business can be a primary source of income, while for others it’s a secondary income stream and/or part time job.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, but are considering creating a second income stream online, here are a few reasons why you might want to start building your business today!

Payoff Debt

For better or worse, one of the main reasons that many people get into online marketing is because they desperately need an extra income stream in order to take control of their finances and get out of debt.

This is a huge motivator, and paying off high interest debt should definitely be a priority for everyone. Internet marketing can be an important tool in your arsenal, but it’s also important to keep in mind that if you are saddled with a large amount of debt, an income source alone might not be enough to get you all the way.

You also have to change your habits. You can read more about this at

Retirement Savings

Another great reason to start an online business in your spare time is to boost your retirement savings. Adding an extra $1,000 a month to your income can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars more in your retirement account, if invested properly.

That could be the difference of a decade’s worth of your full time work, at the time you’re ready to retire. How does that sound for a little motivation?

Make sure you’re on path to meet your retirement goals. Learn more at


Finally, don’t forget that having a little extra cash in your pocket can also translate into a ton of fun.

Whether you’re saving up for that BMW sports car, or itching to take a vacation to Fiji or Rome, adding discretionary income is the only way to do it!

In that case, your other areas of your financial life should be well under control, but you just need a little more freedom money in order to take your life to the next level!

Each of these can be a great reason to motivate you to get started with an online business. If you’re ready to get going, I recommend you read this post on affiliate marketing to get started!

How To Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams

avoid scamsIn the last post, we talked about a few of the key challenges business owners face when deciding whether or not to set up their own affiliate marketing program to promote their products or services.

Done correctly, this can be an incredibly low-cost way to source new business, and can be virtually risk-free, since you only pay after the sale or other transaction has been completed.

This high-ROI approach is what leads many business owners to setup affiliate programs, but unfortunately it also is what leads many of them astray, falling for scams and frauds.

What To Watch Out For

When choosing an affiliate program to work with, there are a few things you really need to watch out for in order to ensure the best chances for success.

First and foremost, I would look at the company’s history and track record. Do not work with a new company, or one that has had consistent problems with PR or other affiliate programs they run.

Instead, find long-standing, reputable programs (see a short list below) to work with, and it’s even better if you can find large, well-established brands that are also working with the company.

Another thing to keep in mind is that low fees are not always better. You can typically expect to pay between 2-5% in fees to the affiliate platform. That’s in addition to whatever commission rate you establish for the individual marketer.

Simply finding the cheapest option out there, might not put you in the best crowd.

Check out this video for more tips on starting your own program:

A Few Top Programs

Clickbank: While the quality of products available through Clickbank varies greatly, the platform itself is a reliable system for business owners to use. Clickbank gears itself mostly towards information products or services, in connection with its Clickbank University training targeting web-preneurs that don’t yet have a product to sell.

Rakuten Linkshare: If you have a physical goods product, then Rakuten’s Linkshare network is one of the best bets. This is a large database of products that range from chocolate gift baskets to sheet metal sales, and everything in between. It’s a great way to promote your online store.

Wealthy Affiliate: Another leading affiliate marketing platform is Wealthy Affiliate, though you can’t list your products for sale using their system. Instead, it’s about beginners training and making sure you have what it takes to succeed with affiliate marketing. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate reviews and complaints for 2016 and beyond.

For more information, learn more about affiliate income opportunities, courtesy of!

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Business?

affiliate basicsMany small business owners are intrigued by the idea of affiliate marketing.

Indeed, it sounds almost too good to be true: you can have an army of web marketers come flying in to your business, promoting it on their blogs and other network websites, and you only have to pay them when it results in a sale!

While that is often the basic gist, the reality, many entrepreneurs discover, can be quite different. In this post I’ll lay out a few of the challenges businesses face when they start to implement an affiliate marketing campaign for their product.

Challenge 1: You Have to have the Right Type of Product

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. While many affiliate platforms will try to convince you that just about anyone should be using their service, the reality is quite different.

Firstly, you need to have a product where the purchase occurs online. While some companies offer CPA, or cost-per-action (cost-per-lead) programs where you pay per lead or call, this field is rife with fraud and fake leads, just to get you to pony up the cash.

Even if you sell your product online, you have to have a high enough margin in order for a competitive commission to make sense. For many physical products, the metrics simply don’t work out for small business owners, and they get lost against their larger competititors, like Amazon or

Challenge 2: You Have to Recruit Affiliates

The second huge obstacle is to recruit good affiliate marketers to your program. Most industries have tough competition, and affiliates have many options of programs to choose to promote.

Recruiting them ultimately comes down to the quality of your product, and the competitive commission rates you can offer. Oh, and you’ll also need a platform where you can find the affiliates to begin with.

Challenge 3: There Are A Lot of Scams

Finally, it’s important to be aware that affiliate marketing is notorious for spam and scams. Even some of the leading providers, like Clickbank or Commission Junction, have gotten into trouble over the transparency of their reporting, leaving some to wonder if they were really running a scam.

None of these challenges is a show-stopper, however, and if you’re considering affiliate marketing, I simply encourage you to take a hard look at all of the different angles involved.

The Basics of Adwords

adwords basicsOne of the problems that many new internet marketers face is navigating the terms and terminology that exist within the web-sphere.

Since tech is so often “its own world,” bridging the gap between how internet marketing works and how you can apply it to your business to grow your customer base is an integral part to what we do here at Webtasa Marketing.

To get you started off on the right foot, today we thought we’d share a good introductory video that comes straight from the lion’s mouth!

Here’s Google’s own explanation of how Adwords works and a few ideas for how you might use this paid systems to grow your business, no matter how large or small you currently are!